Suicide bombers attacked two military checkpoints, in Yemen's south-eastern province of Hadramout on Monday, killing at least 10 pro-government soldiers, a security official said.

One bomber drove his explosive-laden car into the military checkpoint, located in the main western entrance of Mukalla city, Hadramout's provincial capital, causing the death of four soldiers and injury of many others.

The second bomber detonated his car in an attack targeting another military checkpoint in the same area, killing six soldiers, according to the Yemeni source.

A source with the Ibn Sina Public Hospital in Hadramout, said that, more than 29 soldiers were injured in the two bombings.

The death toll was expected to rise further, due to some critical injuries, Yemeni officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the latest suicide bombings, that struck Hadramout province, former bastion of al-Qaeda militants.

However, the Yemen-based al-Qaeda offshoot and the Daesh group, used to launch similar suicide bombings against Yemeni army and security forces, in the past weeks.

Last month, the Yemen-based affiliate of the Daesh group, claimed responsibility for a series of suicide bombings that struck military posts and an intelligence compound in Hadramout, leaving more than 48 killed.

The fragile security situation in the country has deteriorated since Mar, 2015, when war broke out between the Shiite Houthi group, supported by former President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, and the government, backed by a Saudi-led Arab coalition

Source: Name News Network

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