ADEN, Yemen - 16 fighters of the Shiite Houthi group were killed, in air strikes and ongoing armed confrontations, with pro-government forces, in Yemen's south-western province of Taiz.

A local military source, who asked to remain anonymous, said, the government forces air-covered by warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition, heavily attacked the Houthi-controlled area of AlBarh, in the western part of Taiz.

"The Houthi group lost 16 fighters either in the air bombing or by the ground battles with the national forces in AlBarh area," the source said.

He added that, "the pressure against the Houthis in the Taiz and western coast areas, rapidly increased and several areas were liberated in the past days."

Local military analysts said, the Houthis are facing difficulty in recruiting new fighters, particularly in Hodeidah, as most of the young fighters preferred to join with the forces loyal to the Saudi-backed Yemeni government.

In recent weeks, elite forces from the Republican Guard started to establish new brigades, with the support of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), vowing to seize control over Hodeidah province.

The war has killed more than 10,000 Yemenis, mostly civilians, and displaced over three million, according to humanitarian agencies.


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