17 Houthi Fighters Killed During Clashes With Yemeni Government Forces

ADEN, Yemen, At least 17 fighters of the Houthi rebel group were killed, including two field commanders, and dozens of others injured, in clashes with Yemeni government forces in the south-western province of Taiz, on Wednesday.

The national army units attacked the Houthi military positions located on the eastern and western fronts of Taiz province, causing heavy casualties among the rebel group fighters.

The Yemeni government forces heavily shelled the Houthi-held position, destroying a number of military vehicles and heavy machine guns belonging to the rebels.

The Yemeni news agency clarified that eight members of the Houthi militias were killed during clashes in the city's east part, while seven others were killed in the western front, including snipers, and dozens injured by army's artillery shelling.

Two other field commanders of the Houthi rebel group were killed in an ambush, set up by the government forces, in the countryside of Hifan, south of Taiz.

Source: NAM News Network