18 deceived individuals return home

SANA’A, Feb. 06 (Saba) – 18 deceived individuals returned to the capital Sana’a on Saturday, those who returned without coordination with the concerned authorities and without calling the number specified in the general amnesty decree (167).
During the release, the representative of the Military Intelligence Authority, Brigadier General Jamal Al-Qaiz, explained that the decision to release the deceived was based on the directives of the Head of the Military Intelligence Authority, Major General Abdullah Yahya Al-Hakim, following the directions of the Chief of the General Staff, in implementation of the directions of the leader of the revolution, Sayyied AbdulMalik al-Houthy.
He addressed the release, “Perhaps you touched the big difference between the army and the committees’ dealings with you and between the aggression and its mercenaries, and you realized the reality of the goals and destructive plans of the aggression coalition, which requires everyone to stand together in the face of the aggressors and thwart their plans.”
He pointed out that those released had received awareness-raising sessions that corrected many of the misconceptions that the aggression had instilled in their minds.
He affirmed that the homeland is accommodating for all and the army and the popular committees will triumph, calling on the rest of those deceived to return to their homes and to take advantage of the amnesty decision before it is too late.
The returnees expressed their gratitude to the revolutionary and political leadership to release them and the good treatment they received during their detention. Calling on the rest of those deceived who are still in the line of aggression to return to the national ranks.

Source: Yemen News Agency