1st agricultural festival for grain producers in Hodeida launched

The activities of the 1st agricultural festival for producers of grain crops - Tihama and the agricultural exhibition of agricultural means and services provided to farmers of grain crops, were inaugurated in Bajel district in Hodeida provinces.

The festival, which is organized by the General Corporation for the Development and Production of Grain in cooperation with the local authority in the province in partnership with the associations of grain producers in Tihama region, aims to create a participatory relationship between the Corporation and other public and private agricultural sectors to achieve agricultural development.

It also aims to introduce the Corporation's programs, projects and activities that it provides to farmers, official bodies and traders of agricultural inputs in the field of grain production, in addition to providing advisory services to associations and investors in the agricultural field.

The exhibition includes examples of modern agricultural means and what is characterized by Tihama plain in the production of grain crops of various types, the activities of agricultural cooperative societies, and the services provided to grain farmers.

Source: Yemen News Agency