PROVINCES, At least two were killed in a blast in Jawf province, while Saudi-led aggression coalition continued in Hodeidah province, and 25 airstrikes hit Hodeidah, Jawf, Marib and Saada provinces during the past 24 hours, according to military reports.

A military source told Saba that the aggression coalition forces committed 155 breaches of Hodeidah agreement, including the flying of a spy plane over the Kilo 16 area, four attacks on Raqabt al-Mandhar and Kilo 16, 28 by rocketry and artillery bombardment and 124 by firing bullets.

The source said that the aggression coalition fighter jets launched five raids on Ras Issa area in al-Salif district, in a flagrant violation of Sweden agreement, while a military bulldozer belonging to the aggression forces created new fortifications in the kilo 16 area.

The aggression forces bombed citizens' homes and property in the besieged al-Durayhimi district, and five mortars on the north of al-Dahfash village in the outskirts of the district, in conjunction with firing from various weapons on Biot al-Khabatiyah.

The source confirmed that two citizens were killed in Jawf province as a result of the explosion of a bomb from the remnants of the aggression coalition's bombing in al-Masloub district, while the hostile fighter jets launched six raids on Khab Washaf district.

According to the military source, the aggression coalition warplanes launched seven raids on al-Atfin and al-Boqa areas in Kutaf district in Saada province.

In Marib province, three airstrikes destroyed a school in Baraqish district and four others targeted Serwah and Majzar districts.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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