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  • Yemen Analysts Do Not See End to Conflict

    AMMAN – Yemen marks five years of brutal civil war that has transformed the poorest Arab nation at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula into the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. An estimated 100,000 people have been killed during the conflict, and about 80 percent of the population of 24 million are dependent on food and […]

  • US Increases ‘Maximum Pressure’ on Iran

    The United States is turning up its “maximum pressure” campaign on Iran, slapping fresh sanctions on 20 companies and individuals for bolstering Iranian-backed militias in Iraq and elsewhere. The U.S. Treasury Department unveiled the latest round of sanctions Thursday, accusing the companies and individuals of acting as part of a front for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary […]

  • Yemeni Renal Patients Suffer From Lack Of Medicines

    YEMEN, Mukhtar Saif, a Yemeni patient, who suffers from kidney failure, is fortunate to receive dialysis treatment at Al-Jumhori public hospital in Saada city, in north Yemen. However, the pains and sufferings remain beyond description for Saif, and many other renal patients, because of a lack of medicines and economic support. “Fear from airstrikes caused […]

  • Interior Ministry Declares Preparation to implement precautionary measures

    SANAA, The Ministry of Interior announced , readiness of civil defense and security units to implement precautionary measures to confront coronavirus. Deputy Interior Ministry for the Security Sector and Police, Major General Rizq Al-Joufi, affirmed that the Civil Defense Authority’s team is ready to launch extensive cleansing operations and implement quarantine, sanitary and ambulance tasks, […]

  • 6 suspected cases of Corona examined, found free of virus: Health Ministry

    SANAA, The Ministry of Public Health and Population and the Joint Technical Committee to prepare for combating Coronavirus on Thursday confirmed that no laboratory confirmed cases of the virus in Yemen has been recorded to date. Spokesperson for the Committee Dr. Abdulhakim al-Kohlani said that during the past two days, six suspected cases from the […]

  • Markets closed in Hajjah as precautionary measure from Corona

    HAJJAH, The local authority in Hajjah province, with the participation of the security services, on Thursday implemented a campaign to close down the city’s markets, as part of the precautionary measures to confront the Corona virus. “The central market in Sawaiyla area, the old market, and Nusairiyah and Salbah markets were closed as part of […]

  • Yemeni people are coming in sixth year with surprises that did not count coalition of aggression: leader of revolution

    SANAA, The leader of the revolution, Mr. Abdul Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, confirmed that the Yemeni people are coming in the sixth year of steadfastness with surprises that did not count the coalition of aggression and with advanced military capabilities and great victories. In his speech on the occasion of The National Resilience Day, Mr. Abdul […]

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