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  • The outstanding camera phone – TECNO CAMON 15 Premier allows you to experience brilliant photography with big screen, big memory and big battery

    HONG KONG, May 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The CAMON 15 series smartphone from TECNO Mobile ( has begun its official sale, which means it’s time to dive deeper into this device that many people have heard so much about. Aside from its ultra-high resolution 64-megapixel camera, what are the features that make this phone the mobile photography […]

  • Average of 80,000 COVID-19 new cases a day in April: UN health agency

    Since the start of the month, an average of 80,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported each day to the World Health Organization (WHO), the agency’s chief told journalists listening in to his virtual press conference on Wednesday. “But these are not just numbers – every single case is a mother, a father, a son, […]

  • Secretary Michael R. Pompeo at a Press Availability

    SECRETARY POMPEO: Good morning, everyone. It’s been 128 days since Chinese doctor Ai Fen – the director of the Wuhan Central Hospital’s emergency unit – shared information on the internet about a patient with a SARS-like virus. Her colleague, Dr. Li Wenliang, shared Dr. Ai’s report online with medical colleagues. The next day, December 31st, […]

  • Locusts complete triad of humanitarian threats facing Iran

    For the second consecutive year, locust swarms are threatening widespread destruction across southern Iran’s farmland in what’s expected to be the worst infestation in more than half a century. Millions of insects are invading from the Arabian Peninsula and South Asia, just as an earlier-than-normal spring rainy season hatched the local population. So far, the […]

  • US Military Killed 130 Civilians in 2019, Pentagon Says, Lower than Watchdog Estimates

    WASHINGTON – U.S. military operations killed about 130 civilians and injured 91 others in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia last year, according to a Pentagon report seen by Reuters on Wednesday, though the figures were far lower than those reported by watchdog groups. During operations in Afghanistan in 2019, 108 civilians were killed, with 22 […]

  • Yemen’s Southern Separatists Backing Off From Self-Rule Declaration

    AMMAN, JORDAN – Long-time Yemen watcher, analyst Helen Lackner, says southern separatists likely will walk back their threat to reopen another dangerous front in the impoverished country’s five-year civil war. The threat, condemned by their financial backer, the United Arab Emirates, is expected to flounder given a lack of support. Meanwhile, the country already is […]

  • National delegation discusses with ambassadors of permanent member states humanitarian issues in Yemen

    MUSCAT, The national negotiating delegation headed by Mohammed Abdulsalam on Tuesday discussed with ambassadors of the permanent member states of the Security Council, via video technology, humanitarian issues in Yemen in light of the continued aggression and siege. The national delegation affirmed that the cease-fire did not take place and that the Saudi initiative was […]

  • Saudi Arabia and the Emirates defeat in Yemen: Report

    SANAA, Five years after the start of Operation Decisive Storm in Yemen, the Saudi and Emirati dream of reviving the greatness of the kingdom has turned into a nightmare. it’s now been a full five years since the start of the Yemen war. In spite of the grandiloquent declarations of the coalition officials, Riyadh and […]

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