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  • Le projet 4R Solution lance le programme 4R Champion en Afrique subsaharienne

    OTTAWA, Ontario, 8 juin 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Aujourd’hui, le projet 4R Solution franchit une nouvelle étape en apportant une innovation canadienne à l’Afrique subsaharienne par le biais du programme 4R Champion. Le programme 4R Champion est une occasion unique pour les défenseurs de l’agriculture de démontrer l’augmentation des rendements agricoles grâce à l’utilisation de pratiques de […]

  • Combining Technology and Style, vivo V19 offers Industry-leading Selfie Capabilities and Stunning Design

    vivo’s best-in-class selfie flagship is designed to complement the lifestyles of young and fashion-savvy consumers DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, June 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — vivo today launched its cutting-edge selfie smartphone V19. Featuring a dual front 32MP + 8MP super wide-angle camera, and Super AMOLED FHD+ Ultra O Screen design, V19 brings together extraordinary selfie […]

  • 4R Solution Project Launches 4R Champion Program in Sub Saharan Africa

    OTTAWA, Ontario, June 8, 2020 /CNW/ – Today, the 4R Solution project is taking another step in bringing a Canadian Innovation to Sub Saharan Africa through the 4R Champion program.  The 4R Champion program is a unique opportunity for agricultural advocates to demonstrate increased agricultural yields through the use of 4R Nutrient Stewardship Best Management Practices. […]

  • Saudi Arabia, UAE… Relentless pursuit to tear Yemen apart

    SANAA, The hatred of Yemenis for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia has increased due to the conspiratorial role that this state and that kingdom plays to tear apart the Yemeni social fabric and their relentless pursuit of striking Yemeni unity by supporting a herd of unscrupulous mercenaries and a sense of citizenship under […]

  • Yemeni anti-aggression bloc condoles on death of Ramadan Shallah‏

    SANAA, The Yemeni anti- aggression political parties on Monday expressed their deepest condolences over the death of the former Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine Ramadan Shallah. The bloc, in the statement, said the deceased Shallah was one of the most prominent leaders of the resistance against the occupied Zionist entity. The […]

  • Saudi-led warplanes wage 35 airstrikes on Marib, Saada, Jawf‏

    PROVINCES, The US-backed Saudi-led aggression warplanes launched 35 raids on the provinces of Marib, Saada and Jawf in the past hours. A security official said to Saba the aggression targeted separate areas in the districts of Majzar, Serwah and Madghal in Marib province with 16 raids . The official added the aggression launched 14 raids […]

  • Billions Of Desert Locusts Swarm Through War-Torn Yemen

    SANAA, Billions of desert locusts are swarming through war-torn Yemen, threatening crops and exacerbating the food crisis. They were seen invading cultivation areas in several provinces, including Dhamar, Bayda, Ibb, Dhalea, Mahweet and Hajjah, according to local residents and farmers. The rainy season and the shortage of pesticides, due to the war, have left the […]

  • Report: Cleaning Workers In Hajjah Are Soldiers In Face Of Novel Coronavirus‏

    HAJJAH, Cleaning workers in Hajjah province and in all its districts have removed wastes from streets, neighborhoods and lanes, and sterilized places and public squares so as to enhance precautionary measures to counter the novel Corona virus. Cleaners are fighting a battle against the epidemic, amid health hazards that may befall them, they work tirelessly […]

  • Aggression coalition launches 10 air raids on Marib

    MARIB, The US-bcaked Saudi-led aggression coalition aircraft on Monday launched ten airstrikes on Serwah district in Marib province, a security official told Saba. The aggression coalitionairstrikes hit several areas in the district, causing damage to citizens’ property, the official explained. Source: Yemen News Agency

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