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  • Aggression forces continue violating ceasefire in Hodeidah, aggression warplanes wage 48 raids on 5 provinces

    PROVINCES, The aggression forces continued violating Hodeidah ceasefire agreement while the Saudi-led aggression warplanes waged 48 raids on five provinces during the past 24 hours. A military official said to Saba that the aggression forces committed 61 violations, including 11 violations of artillery bombardment and dozens of violations with various bullets. The aggression forces launched […]

  • Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes retarget Marib province

    MARIB, The US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes on Monday retargeted Marib province with 11 strikes, a security official said to Saba. The official added that the aggression coalition warplanes hit the district of Majzar of Marib province with six raids and launched five raids on al-Abdiyah district in the same province. The aggression warplanes had […]

  • Humanitarian Affairs, ICRC discuss possibility of supporting Corrections facilities

    SANAA, The Head of the International Cooperation Department at the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs Manea al-Asal has discussed with the deputy head of the International Committee of the Red Cross the possibility of supporting Corrections Centres. The meeting which gathered the Deputy Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program addressed the urgent needs […]

  • 100 food violations in Hodeidah Seized in June

    HODEIDAH, The supervisory field committees of the Industry and Trade Office in Hodeidah province have seized 100 food violations in June. A report issued by the Office showed that the violations were in al-Hali, al-Hawk, and al-Mina districts in the province, and included two violations of failure to declare prices, 11 violations of selling spoiled […]

  • Qahim: UN fails to access food convey to the besieged city of al-Duraihemi affirms its inability to implement Sweden’s agreement

    HODEIDAH, The acting governor of Hodeidah Mohammed Ayyash Qahim confirmed that the United Nations’ failure to enter a food convoy for citizens trapped in the city of al-Duraihemi for more than two years confirms its inability to implement the Stockholm agreement on Hodeidah. In a statement to Saba, Qahim said that the aggression coalition countries […]

  • Tribal meeting held Sanaa to enhance popular mobilization

    SANAA, A tribal meeting was staged on Monday by tribes and sheikhs of al-Thawrah district of Sanaa to strengthen a popular mobilization and bake the battle fronts. At the meeting, the participants stressed on importance of continuing to back the army with fighters and food convoy for deterring the aggression and it plots that target […]

  • MPs stress need to set up solutions to save “Safer” ship

    SANAA, Members of the Parliament (MPs), in Monday’s session chaired by Speaker of the House Yahya al-Raei, stressed the need to put in place appropriate remedies to save the oil floating ship “Safer” in Ras Issa port of Hodeidah province. The MPs condemned the continuation of Saudi-led aggression coalition countries in preventing the technical teams […]

  • Parliament discusses draft spending plan for 2020, payment of staff salaries

    SANAA, The Parliamentary Committee in charge of studying the draft spending plan for the public budgets for 2020 held a meeting Monday, headed by Speaker of the Parliament Yahya Ali al-Ra’i. In the meeting, the House’s Speaker stressed the importance of commitment to rationalizing expenditures within the specific aspects of what benefits citizens. Al-Ra’i indicated […]

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