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  • Yemen’s Air force drones re-target Saudi Abha International Airport

    SANAA, Yemen’s air force drones have retargeted on Tuesday morning Saudi Abha International Airport, an official spokesman of Yemen’s armed forces Brig. Gen. Yahya Sare’i said. The official spokesman added to Saba that the air force shelled sensitive military sites inside Abha International Airport and hit its targets accurately. Sare’i said that the air force […]

  • Aggression mercenaries escalate in Hodeidah, Saudi-led aggression coalition wages 20 raids on Marib

    PROVINCES, The aggression forces have escalated violations of the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah province during the past 24 hours while the US-Saudi aggression warplanes have waged 20 raids on Marib province. A military official said to Saba that the aggression forces committed 132 violations, including the establishment of combat fortifications near 50 St. and Hays […]

  • Corruption … Another Face Of Saudi-Led Military Aggression Against Yemen

    SANAA, Corruption represents one of the main dilemmas in halting a development process in Yemen. It is similar the Saudi-led military aggression coalition against Yemen that has been carrying out airstrikes and committing war crimes since 2015. The brutality of aggression and corruption affected the country and its institutions. Moreover, both of them hinder the […]

  • Deputy PM confirms keenness to promote financial, administrative reforms

    SANAA, Deputy Prime Minister for National Vision Affairs, Head of the Executive Office of the Vision Management, Mahmoud al-Junaid, on Wednesday emphasized keenness to promote financial and administrative reforms and build human capacity. This came in his speech at the conclusion of a training course for the analysis of the current situation. Al-Junaid pointed out […]

  • Aggression, siege add 400 thousand children to illiterate lists in Yemen

    SANAA, Yemen has celebrated International Literacy Day (ILD) on September 8th every year, at a time when about 400,000 children are still being added annually to Yemen’s illiteracy lists due to the ongoing aggression and the continued aggression and siege imposed on Yemen. The World Education Ministers’ Conference, held in September in the middle of […]

  • Aggression mercenaries commit 82 violations in Hodeidah within 24 hours

    HODEIDAH, The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room to monitor violations of the aggression in Hodeidah recorded 82 breaches in the past 24 hours. A military official said to Saba among the violations were the establishment of combat fortifications near 50th St., the flight of 14 spy planes in the airspace of Kilo 16 area […]

  • Aggression coalition warplanes launch nine raids on Marib

    MARIB, The US-Saudi aggression coalition warplanes on Wednesday launched nine raids on Marib province, a security official said to Saba. The official added that the aggression warplanes targeted Rahba district in the province, causing damage to citizens’ properties. Source: Yemen News Agency

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