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  • Aggression continues to violate Stockholm ceasefire agreement

    PROVINCES, The aggression forces on Wednesday continued to violate the Stockholm ceasefire agreement in Hodeida province, a military official said on Thursday. The aggression forces committed 187 violations, including waging 3 airstrikes on al-Tuhaita, causing heavy damages to civilians’ properties. The official said the violations also included the hovering of 34 spy planes over areas […]

  • Aggression forces commit 187 violations within 24 hours

    HODEIDA, The aggression forces committed Wednesday 187 violations in Hodeida province over the last 24 hours, a military official said. The official added that the violations included waging three raids by a combat spy plane on al-Tuhaita district. He said that 34 spy planes flew over al-Jah, al-Jabaliya and Kilo 16 areas and al-Tuhaita and […]

  • 16 airstrikes hit Marib, Jawf

    PROVINCES, The US-Saudi aggression warplanes launched on Wednesday 16 raids on Marib and Jawf provinces, a security official said. The official added that the aggression warplanes waged 11 raids on the districts of Majzar, Madghal and Rahba in Marib, causing serious damages to private properties. The aggression warplanes also hit Khab Washa’af district in Jawf […]

  • Yemen, UNHCR discuss cooperation in refugees’ issues

    SANA’A, The National Committee for Refugee Affairs (NCRA) discussed here on Thursday tasks of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Office (UNHCR) regarding asylum issues. Heading by NCRA head, also deputy foreign minister, Hussein al-Ezzi, the meeting touched upon the roles and activities of the UNHCR and its partners towards refugees and asylum seekers. […]

  • Aggression air raids target Marib, Jawf

    MARIB, The Saudi-led coalition hit on Thursday Marib and Jawf provinces 7 times, a security official said. The aggression warplanes waged 3 strikes on Habab Valley in Serwah district of Marib and 2 strikes on Khab Washa’af district and 2 others on Bart al-Anan district of Jawf The official said that the strikes caused serious […]

  • Aggression’s airstrikes hit Marib, Jawf again

    JAWF, The Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes on Thursday hit again Marib and Jawf provinces, a military official told Saba. The official affirmed that the fighter jets waged 6 strikes on Majzar district of Marib and 4 others on al-Dhahra area in Khab Washa’af district of Jawf. A day earlier, the aggression warplanes waged 3 strikes […]

  • Hundreds of aggression’s ceasefire violations registered

    HODEIDA, The Saudi-led aggression coalition forces committed 278 violations of the UN-brokered ceasefire agreement in Hodeida province within the last 24 hours. The violations included the flights of 21 warplanes over al-Tuhaita, Hays, al-Jah and al-Jabaliya district, said an official in the operation room to monitor the aggression’s violations. He added that the aggression forces […]

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