21 September revolution prevented Americans from destroying ballistic missiles: Revolution leader

SANAA, The 21 September revolution prevented Americans from destroyingballistic missiles and completing the long track in weakening Yemen and taking away its power, said The Revolution's leader, Abdul Malik Badr alDin alHouthi.

"The greatest danger to the Yemeni people in their faith identity was to be dependent on America," the revolutionary leader said in a speech on the anniversary of Juma't Rajab.

He warned of the nation's urgent need for awareness in the face of the sedition surrounding it. "If the enemy controls our ideas, concepts and customs and penetrates the realities of our lives, then he will be able to control us completely," he said.

"Our independence is full independence, in which we do not live in dependency in any form, because the enemy is fighting us to ensure total control over us, and this is where faith belongs as a need in the face of enemies," he said.

Mr. Abdul Malik alHouthi considered the identity of faith to be an educational process that needs to be established as customs, traditions and lifestyle. He stressed that faithbelonging is the most important factor for the cohesion of the Yemeni people in the face of US Saudiled aggression.

He also stressed the need for the nation's motive to promote its reality and to bring out the need in all its economic and other requirements to the enemies. "Many of our nation's people suffer from despair, fascination with enemies, laziness and disclaimer, which is what the American and Israeli want to make the nation in a state of humiliation, weakness and contempt for those who follow them and make them play with their hands," he said.

"The most important element of strength that we benefit from in the face of challenges and enemies is the faith that we desperately need," he said.

He pointed out that the intensive targeting of the nation intellectually, economically and in all areas focuses on important titles in order to weaken and control it. "The situation of many people in the nation has reached a state of lack of awareness and understanding of the enemy to the point of not distinguishing who we are and who the enemy is targeting us," he said.

Mr. Abdul Malik alHouthi pointed out that the problems and challenges that the nation is experiencing are not the result of an emergency, but unfortunately many problems are accumulating over time. He stressed that the nation faced external challenges but suffered internally from the accumulations of the past because of the presence of dissolved groups within them.

He also warned that enemies do not want the nation to be strong, as in reality we see the economic reality of their supporters, their greatest ambition to be a market for others. He pointed out that the economic structure of the UAE is a market structure for others as well as Saudi Arabia, while we see China and Japan as producing countries despite the difference in resources.

The leader of the revolution pointed out that the U.S. ambassador in Sana'a was formerly the chief official above the president and officials, and the authority and parties are competing in courting him. "Under the previous regime, Sana'a and other cities was the scene of takfirist groups and various assassinations," he said.

He pointed out that the regional titles were encouraged and sponsored by their entire destructive and destructive role inside the country during the previous era. He stressed that the greatest danger to the Yemeni people in their faith identity was dependence on America.

He said America has focused on education and information and the creation of destructive social activities to deprive the Yemeni people of a sense of pride, dignity, values and morality. "The United States has taken away from our country the military capabilities that are a weapon to counter any external aggression," he said.

"With the blessing of faith identity, we will promote a civilized renaissance that will bring our country full independence, freedom and dignity," he said. He pointed out that the victories in the process of "the structure of the anchored" and the victory of God and in many fronts all alert us to what the identity of faith means.

"We are concerned to recognize the values of faith identity and to seek to establish it in the reality of our lives and protect it from all external attacks, and we must recognize the importance of faith in the economic aspect, because we as a Muslim nation are concerned to achieve selfsufficiency," he said.

The leader of the revolution was forced to take part in the shameful scenes of the former regime, which were shown yesterday, in which an American female employee trampled on Yemen's independence, handed over the Yemeni Air Defense Force and personally supervised the destruction of this weapon.

"It is ironic that the socalled national security, which is supposed to protect the country, is to take on the task of the American employee in destroying the Air Defense Force, and we have seen how the socalled national security has assembled and supervised the destruction of the American employee's air defense missiles," he said.

He explained that the Americans went to destroy air defenses, while the state of idleness prevailed in the naval force, and eventually the destruction of ballistic missiles.

He also stressed that today's air defense missiles are more capable than the weapons delivered by the former regime to the Americans. He pointed out that the symbols of the former regime wasted the dignity of the country in the shoes of a simple American employee.

He urged serious and responsible action in the face of the US Saudi Israeli aggression. "We advise the UAE and Saudi regimes to stop the aggression, and The People must be independent no matter what the sacrifices are, and our pride in our faith identity refuses us to accept humiliation, surrender, subservience and submission to the enemies," he said.

"Today we see a state of normalization and entering into relations and ties with Israel, which is legally forbidden and a betrayal of the nation in every sense of the word," he said.

He stressed the principled position of hostility towards Israel and for the nation's fateful and uncompromising causes. "One Saudi scholar goes to pray for the spirit of the Jewish Zionists in the socalled Holocaust, while we see them justifying the killing of Muslims in Palestine and elsewhere," he said.

He stressed that everyone is concerned about continuing the journey in this country, and the Yemeni people should constantly remember what "AlIman Yaman" means.

Mr. Abdul Malik alHouthi congratulated the Yemeni people on the memory of Juma't Rajab, which bears the memory of the Yemeni people's entry into Islam after Imam Ali (peace be upon him) arrived in Sana'a in the after's of Islam.

Source: Yemen News Agency