ADEN, Yemen, Forces loyal to Yemen's internationally-backed government, killed 35 Houthi militants, in the ongoing fighting, in the central province of al-Bayda on Sunday, a military official said.

The military source said that, the pro-government forces, supported by the Saudi-led war planes, launched a military campaign and managed to capture three districts from the Houthi militants in al-Bayda province.

"Battles against the Houthi militias in al-Bayda are still ongoing and we have a strong determination to liberate the whole province soon," the local military source said, on condition of anonymity.

Scores of young fighters, belonging to the Shiite Houthi group, surrendered themselves to government troops, while many others fled and left their weapons behind, the source added.

War planes of the Saudi-led coalition launched a series of overnight air strikes and targeted several arms depots, belonging to Houthis in al-Bayda, according to local Yemeni sources.

Medical sources confirmed that the fighting in al-Bayda left more than 35 Houthi militants killed and about 16 government soldiers injured.

"We received clear orders from the Presidency Office, to mobilise more troops and continue in our advancement against the Houthis across the Yemeni provinces," an intelligence officer said.

Yemen's internationally-backed government, allied with the Saudi-led Arab military coalition, has for about three years been battling Iran-backed Shiite Houthi rebels, over control of the country.