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Army's spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sarie said on Sunday that the Saudi-led mercenaries continued their cease-fire breaks in Hodeidah taking advantage of the army and popular forces commitment to restraint and not to respond to successive breaches.

The mercenaries committed 47 violations during the past 24 hours in coincidence with the arrival of the UN team to Hodeidah, with the flight of warplanes, reconnaissance and Apache over al-Durihmi, said Yahya Sarie.

The mercenaries' artillery launched 27 different shells at residential areas and army sites, including 15 mortar shells fired at the sides of al-Shaab city, two towards the north of al-Khamseen Street, and 10 at al-Waha resort and nearby.

The mercenaries were fired the south-east of al-Aqd with various medium weapons towards al-Khamseen Street, al-Qimah Hotel, al-Shaab City, Kilo-16, City Max and al- Fadhli Mosque.

The army observed bulldozers of mercenaries, which are building fortifications and developments in the east and south of al-Shaab city, towards al-Aqd and al-Gharasi. Also, night movements and reinforcements in the same areas including Hodeidah.

Meanwhile, the aggression warplane launched 29 airstrikes, five on al-Moton, an airstrike on al-Ghail on Jawf province, seven nearby Najran, six on Saada, nine on Serwah in Ma'rib province and another one on Nihm in Sanaa province.

In Jawf, an airstrike targeted Wadi al-Dhaiq.

In nearby Najran, the army repelled two infiltrations on the mercenaries' sites, the first of them in al-Sawh, the second towards al-Safiah in al-Malahid, while foiled an infiltration south of al-Shabakah Mountain nearby Jizan, inflicting the mercenaries' heavy losses.

The army repelled the mercenaries' infiltration towards al-Safinah hill in Serwah in an attempt to restore it, killing and injuring dozens.

Our armed forces remain committed to the ceasefire in Hodeidah despite the continuing violations of mercenaries, Sarie also said.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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