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HAYES, Yemen- Sixty Iranian-backed Houthi militias were killed, over the last couple of days, following air strikes carried out by Arab Coalition forces, led by Saudi Arabia and supported by the UAE's Armed Forces and the Yemeni National Resistance.

According to Yemeni military sources, 14 Houthis were killed on Saturday evening, in clashes north of Hayes and Al Hamili, while the resistance also blocked an attempt by Houthi militia forces to infiltrate the Al Qataba area, between Al Khawkha and Al Tahtiya.

Also, 46 Houthi militiamen were killed on the Red Sea Coast front yesterday, in clashes with the Yemeni resistance, and as a result of aerial attacks. The clashes were concentrated at the crossroads of Al Jarahi and Jebel Ras and in Al Sha'ab, north of Hayes.

Coalition forces continue to launch air raids, in an effort to destroy Houthi military reinforcements and vehicles, along the Red Sea Coast.

The UAE's Armed Forces continue to provide military and logistical support for land, air and sea operations, in support of Yemen, to rid them of the terrorist Iranian plan being implemented through the Houthi militias.

These efforts are in line with the basic humanitarian operations, necessary to support the people of Yemen to overcome the current difficult circumstances.


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