HODEIDAH, Yemen- The UAE treated an eight-year-old Yemeni child, Sanbani Obaid, in an Emirati hospital, after he was shot in the neck by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias, who targeted his family's home in At Tuhayta District, Hodeidah Governorate, with indiscriminate shelling.

An Emirati surgical team, working with the Arab Coalition, received Sanbani, who had a bullet lodged near his heart, and stabilised his condition. He was then transported by plane to the UAE to continue his treatment.

The doctor who treated the child, Dr. Ahmed Al Mazrouei, said, "The Emirati field hospital in the Red Sea Coast of Yemen received the child, in a critical condition, due to being shot in the neck with a bullet that became lodged near his heart, which resulted in heavy bleeding inside his chest and damage to his lung. We conducted an emergency operation and offered the necessary treatment until his condition became settled, and his life was saved."

The UAE is treating Sanbani at one of the country's hospitals, to improve his condition, as part of its ongoing humanitarian efforts, to support the Yemeni people.

The indiscriminate shelling by the Houthis against houses in At Tuhayta District came, after their consecutive defeats in Hodeidah Governorate, to take revenge against local residents, who rejected them.

Sanbani's father, Obaid Salman, thanked the UAE for its timely response to his child's medical situation and for saving his life, while praising the humanitarian efforts of the Arab Coalition Forces, to support the Yemeni people during their difficult circumstances, which reflects their concern for the future of Yemen and its children.

The UAE treated many patients and wounded people in hospitals, both inside and outside the country, due to the weakened state of the Yemeni health sector.


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