A mass rally in Sa’ada entitled “The blockade is war”

The city of Sa'ada on Friday witnessed a mass rally entitled "The blockade is war", presented by the local authority leadership of the province and scientific, military, security and social figures.

Participants in the march raised slogans and chants of indignation against the US-Saudi-UAE aggression and siege, stressing that the blockade imposed on Yemen, is a declared and clear state of war.

At the rally, the Governor of Sa'ada Muhammad Jaber Awad praised the presence of the rally. The major departure reflected the rejection of the state of no peace, no war and the continued blockade of the Yemeni people.

He affirmed the readiness of the people of the governorate for the options of the Revolution Command and its determination towards the continued aggression, blockade and looting of national wealth by the aggression forces in conjunction with the blockade imposed on the people and the cessation of employees' salaries.

Governor Awad pointed out that the Yemeni people know for sure who their enemy is and who kills them by aircraft, bombs and unjust siege. Stressing the importance of strengthening its internal unity and missing the opportunity for the enemy to tear the interior apart, and to support the front with men and money.

The event speech by Abdullah al-Manbahi pointed out that the ongoing blockade was evidence of America's desire to eradicate the people and to harm them in all its categories and components.

He reviewed features of aggression and deliberate targeting of the Yemeni people in their lives and for their top of life, security and stability, stressing that today's exit to stand up to the aggressors and to stop being aggressive, injustice and arrogant.

Al-Manbahi proclaimed the public mobilization to support fronts with money and men. The Yemeni army called for redress for the Yemeni people. The Yemeni people will support them with lives and money until Yemen is liberated from the invaders and mercenaries.

The march's statement warned the aggression against the scourge and consequences of any military escalation, and against the consequences of the continued blockade of Yemen, considering the continued blockade a war that will be confronted with a military response will influence and unexpectedly pain the coalition of aggression.

Stressing the need to lift the blockade of Sana'a International Airport without restrictions, conditions or derogations, warning the Aggression Coalition against continuing refusal to pay employees' salaries from revenues from oil and gas wealth looted to the Saudi National Bank.

He also announced, on behalf of the Yemeni people, that he would stand by the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council to take whatever was necessary to deter aggression. He called on the Yemeni people to maintain the cohesion of the internal front, and to be wary of the enemy's schemes in raising problems and undermining cohesion and resilience of the Yemeni people.

The march statement affirmed that Palestine was the fundamental and central issue of the Yemeni people, denouncing the Zionist crimes committed by Jewish gangs against the Palestinian people, calling for a broad Islamic stance to repel persistent Jewish intransigence.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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