Abdul Malik al-Ajri: Yemenis only have right to determine Yemen’s future

SANAA, The national negotiating delegation's member Abdul Malik al-Ajri, said on Friday that the Yemeni people only does have the right in determining Yemen's future.

Commenting on a statement by Saudi Foreign Minister of State for Adel al-Jubeir on the truce and the role of Yemenis in Yemen's future, al-Ajri said that the talk of some foreign parties about accepting Ansarullah' role in making the political future of Yemen as an endowment is provocative and unacceptable.

"Al-Jubeir makes mistakes against Ansarullah movement and all political forces, saying that all Yemenis have a role in the future as if he determines the roles in Yemen, al-Ajri added.

Source: Yemen News Agency