Acting Supreme Economic Committee: UN envoy mislead about Hodeidah seaport revenues

SANAA, The Acting Chairman of the Higher Economic Committee, Central Bank Governor Hashem Ismail confirmed, on Monday, the fallacies contained that Griffiths turned against Stockholm agreement by justifying it to prevent the entry of oil derivatives.
The Acting Chairman of the Higher Economic Committee said in an interview with Almasirah newspaper that “Griffiths deliberately presented a misleading picture about the fate of the revenues of Hodeidah ports, even though he knew that they were spent on salaries.
He noting that the UN envoy clearly adopts the aggression agenda and does not talk about the looted revenues of the other party.
“If the UN is serious, we can pay all the wages in one week,” acting chairman of the supreme economic committee in Sanaa, Hashim Ismail, said.
Ismail clarified that the economic situation is still bad and is being run in a way that serves the military agenda of the aggression. He revealed that the UN envoy called the Supreme Economic Committee to discuss the economic file and the other party refused to participate.

Source: Yemen News Agency