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SANAA, The player of the club of Mina Aden Mohammed Abdul Rahman won the title of the first open-body revitalization tournament organized by the General Federation of the game in Al-Ahly club in Sanaa for two days.

At the ceremony, which was attended by Undersecretary of the capital Sanaa Mohammed al-Sarimi, Undersecretary of the Sports Sector Abbas Mdoumi stressed the importance of holding the tournament in the capital Sana'a incubator for all provinces of the Republic and participate in sports activities in various sports.

He praised the efforts of the Federation of the game in organizing the tournament and the participation of a number of players from the southern provinces under the circumstances experienced by our country .. Considering the tournament a message to everyone at home and abroad that sport is far from politics.

For their part, the President of the General Union for Bodybuilding, Dr. Najib Al-Jufi and Secretary-General Mohammed Al-Rawdi that the tournament achieved its objectives with the participation of 60 players representing 15 clubs from nine provinces, "Amana, Aden, Hadramout, Abu, Hodeidah, Dhamar, Baidah, Amran, Taiz" competition In six weights "60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 kg."

The honoring ceremony included musical concert for the children of the creativity and excellence group, as well as singing pieces.

At the end of the ceremony, the winners of the first centers for each weight were honored with medal gifts , in addition to Secretary General of the Federation Mohammed Al-Rawdhi presented, as well as the jury headed by international referee Adel Hammadi.

Honorable players are:

In the weight of 60 kg won first place player Anas Ahmed Babaila Club Hilal Fawa Hadramawt, second place player Salim Hassan al-Radi Police Club, capital Sanaa, third place player Sulaiman Dowad Abdo Club Alrooba .

Weight 65 kg, first place player Mohamed Abdul Rahman Club of Mina Aden, second place player Faisal Omar Tawfiq from Hilal Fawa Hadramout, third place Ibrahim Abdul Khulani Hodeidah.

Weight 70 kg First place Player Taha Al-Sayani Club Alroba Amana Second place Khaled Osman Hadidi Hilal Fawa Hadramout Third place Abdul Nour Al-Husami Al-Orouba Al-Amana Club.

Weight 75 kg, the first Adnan Ali Al-Fatini Club May 22, Capital Sanaa, second place Ali Awad Bazoth Hilal Fawa Hadramout, third place Jamal Al-Jabri

Weight 80 kg, First place Player Azi Othman Al Hadidi Club Hilal Fawa Hadramawt, Second place Player Abdullah Al Muleiki Al Orouba Club, Third place Player Ahmed Al Amari Shabab Al Bayda

Weight over 85 kg, the first player Mohammed al-Faqih Club of Club Mina Aden, second place player Akram al-Shamiri, third place player Youssef al-Siyani Najm Saba club, Dhamar.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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