Aggression forces commit violations in Hodeida within 24 hours

PROVINCES, Feb. 13 (Saba) – The aggression continued the escalation of its violations in Hodeida province, while 2 citizens were shot dead by Saudi border guards in Sa’ada province during the past 24 hours.

The aggression forces committed 200 violations in Hodeida province including 3 airstrikes on al-Mandhar, al-Faza, and al-Tuhaita areas and 23 flights of spy planes in the airspace of Kilo-16, al-Mandhar, al-Faza, al-Jabaliya, and al-Durayhimi districts.

The violations also included an infiltration attempt near the 50-meter street. In addition, the aggression’s forces carried out 28 artillery attacks, and fired 135 shotguns on several areas of the province, the military official said.

Meanwhile, 2 citizens were killed and two others wounded when the Saudi border guards opened fire at the populated area of AL Sheikh in Munabeh border district of Sa’ada province, said the official.

The aggression warplanes also launched two airstrikes on the Baqem district in the same province.

The US-Saudi fighter jets launched 18 airstrikes on Serwah and Madghal districts in Marib province.

Source: Yemen News Agency