Aggression forces continue to violate ceasefire in Hodeida

PROVINCES, Apr. 06 (Saba) – The aggression forces continued on Monday to violate the UN-brokered ceasefire agreement in Hodeida province, a military official said on Tuesday.

The official explained the aggression forces committed 171 violations, including the creation of combat fortifications in al-Jabaliya area.

He said the aggression forces’ spy planes dropped 4 bombs on al-Faza and al-Tuhaita areas.

The official added 15 aggression forces’ spy planes flew over Kilo 16, al-Tuhaita, al-Faza, and al-Jabaliya areas and 27 violations of missile and artillery shelling and 124 different bullets on several parts of Hodeida.

He indicated a citizen’s car was burned in al-Rabsa neighborhood in al-Hawak district in Hodeida when the aggression’s mercenaries targeted residential neighborhoods with mortar and artillery shells.

The official reported a woman who was injured died of her wounds sustained by the aggression forces in al-Amour area in Haifan district in Taiz two weeks ago.

He said three citizens, including a child, were injured in aggression’s forces’ shell on al-Jumla neighborhood in Salah district in the same province.

The official said a woman and a child were seriously injured in aggression forces’ artillery shelling on the village of al-Aris in the district of Maqbana in Taiz.

Meanwhile, the aggression’s warplanes launched a raid on Shada district in Sa’ada province and 3 raids on Serwah district, and a raid on al-Jouba district in Marib province.

Source: Yemen News Agency