Aggression forces continue to violate Hodeida ceasefire agreement

PROVINCES, Aggression forces’ violations continued on Friday to violate the Stockholm ceasefire agreement in Hodeida province, a military official told Saba.
The aggression forces in Hodeida committed 241 violations, including two strikes by combat spy planes on 50th street in Hodeida city and al-Faza area, a military official said.
Almost 25 warplanes of the aggression flew over Hays, al-Jabaliya, al-Tuhaita, 50 street and al Faza areas in the province, the official added.
He said the violations included the establishment of combat fortifications in Hays and al-Tuhaita districts.
The aggression forces committed 212 violations firing 377 artillery shells and 175 various kind of bullets.
The official indicated that a military bulldozer of the aggression forces established combat fortifications on the main road in al-Tuhaita district in Hodeida.
The official said that the aggression warplanes launched two raids on al-Dhaher district in Sa’ada province.
In Marib province, the aggression waged 4 raids on Serwah district and 4 others on Salb area and Madghal district, he said.
The official concluded that the aggression warplanes targeted with three raids the districts of Khab Washa’af and al Hazm in Jawf province.

Source: Yemen News Agency