Aggression kills 3 citizens in Sa’ada, commits intense violations in Hodeida

The US-Saudi aggression forces continued to violate the ceasefire agreement in Al-Hodeida province, and killed 3 citizens in Sa’ada during the past 24 hours, a military official said Wednesday.




The official stated that the aggression forces committed 116 breaches of Hodeida ceasefire, including an infiltration attempt into Hays district, which was also hit with 2 raids, 18 breaches with artillery shelling, and 36 breaches with various gunshots.




The violations included 4 raids by spy planes on Hays and al-Jabalia districts, and 53 warplanes flew over Al Faza, al-Jabalia, Hays, al-Jah, and al-Tuhayta districts.




On the other hand, the official confirmed the killing of 3 citizens and the injury of six others and an African immigrant by the Saudi army’s fire in Al-Raqwa area in Munabeh district of Sa’ada province.




Moreover, 4 civilians were wounded by a Saudi missile and artillery shelling on Shada border district, while the warplanes launched 2 raids on Al-Dhaher district of Sa’ada province.




The official reported that the aggression warplanes launched 3 raids on Al-Anab residential neighborhood in the capital Sana’a, adding that a plastic basket factory was burnt as a result of an aggression’s airstrike east of the Saudi German Hospital in in Mathbah area.




He pointed out that the warplanes targeted the Al-Jobah district with 9 raids and launched 7 raids on Serwah district in Marib province.




The aggression warplanes also launched a raid west of Majaza area in Asir region.


Source: Yemen News Agency