Aggression used Marib to launch attacks on neighboring provinces: Al-Faishi

SANA’A, Feb. 24 (Saba) – The head of the comprehensive national reconciliation and political solution team confirmed that the aggression used Marib as a base to launch attacks on the neighboring provinces under the command of a Saudi officer.

“Those who are in Marib are groups from the Islah Party, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS are gathered from inside and outside the country, have evicted the indigenous people and occupyef their land,” said Youssef Al-Faishi in a statement to Saba.

He called on them to stop fighting with aggression, join the national army and spare the province from destruction.

“Why did not we hear the United Nations, the Security Council and the international community, led by the USA, expressing their concern about the unfair siege, the shutdown of Sana’a airport and the detention of fuel ships?,” he wondered.
However, they expressed their serious concern about the al-Qaeda and ISIS elements who are occupying the city of Marib and evicted its native people, he said.

Source: Yemen News Agency