Aggression violations continue in Hodeida, and 56 air raids on 5 provinces

The American-Saudi aggression forces continued violations in Hodeida province, and warplanes launched 56 raids on 5 provinces and off Najran during the past 24 hours, a military official said.

The official stated that the forces of aggression committed 107 breaches, including the combat fortifications creation and spy planes flew over, 21 breaches with artillery shelling and 72 with various gunshots.

He reported that the aggression warplanes targeted, with 2 raids, the communications network in Al-Safra District, and launched 2 raids on the communications network in the Al-Abdin area, south of Sa'ada city.

The aggression warplanes also launched 2 raids on al-Baq'a and al-Ajashir off Najran.

The official said the aggression warplanes targeted with 30 raids the districts of Ayn and Usailan in Shabwa province and a raid on the Al-Yatama area in Khab Washa'af districts in Al-Jawf province.

The official indicated that the aggression launched 14 raids on Al-Balaq area in Al-Wadi district, as well as two raids on Al-Jouba district in Marib.

Source: Yemen News Agency