Aggression’s violation of Hodeida ceasefire continues

PROVINCES, The aggression forces continued on Wednesday to violate Hodeida ceasefire agreement, a military official told Saba.

The official said that the aggression forces committed 261 violations, including launching 240 projectiles on the ceasefire areas.

The aggression forces launched tens of artillery shells on al-Odain Muthalth in Hays district, the south area of al-Tuhaita district, western Hays district and al-Za’afaran village in al-Hali district.

The violations also included 21 spy flights over areas of Hays, al-Jah, al-Jabaliya, al-Tuhaita, 50th street and Kilo 16 street, he said.

Meanwhile, the aggression warplanes waged an airstrike on Majaza al-Sharqiya area in Asir region and 3 airstrikes on Sa’ada province; one on al-Fara’ area in Ketaf district and two on Baqim district.

The enemy warplanes also waged three raids on Jabal Murad district in Marib province and four others on areas of al-Mehashma and Souk al-Thuluth in Khab Washa’af in Jawf province.

Source: Yemen News Agency