Agriculture Minister discusses with FAO supporting locust control efforts

SANAA, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Eng. Abdul Malik Qassim al-Thor met on Monday with FAO Assistant Representative in Yemen for Program Affairs Dr. Mohammed Noman Salam.

The meeting discussed the aspects of cooperation between FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture, especially in the field of combating the scourge of desert locusts, which has spread and appeared in the areas of the Tihami Plain.

At the meeting, the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation praised FAO's role and contribution to supporting agricultural development in Yemen, as well as its support for the ministry's efforts in implementing plant pest control campaigns, including the desert locust control campaign in the Tihami plain.

The meeting touched on the coordination mechanism between the two sides to support the implementation of agricultural programs and activities that contribute to enhancing agricultural production and improving the standard of living income of agricultural families.

He stressed the ministry's keenness to take advantage of FAO programs to strengthen the aspects of control in stone ports in order to protect livestock and protect them from the dangers of epidemics and cross-border diseases.

FAO's assistant representative in Yemen for programme affairs confirmed fao's keenness and readiness to support the ministry's efforts and activities, especially in the field of desert locust control.

It was agreed to prepare a chronic programme and plan for the coming year to carry out surveys and anti-locust surveys provided to FAO for donor support.

Source: Yemen News Agency