Al-Dailami discusses with OHCHR human rights violations in Yemen

Minister of Human Rights Ali Hussein Al-Dailami discussed with the Human Rights Officer of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Safir Al-Din, issues related to human rights in Yemen in light of the continued aggression and blockade.

The meeting reviewed examples of the ongoing crimes and violations of the aggression coalition against civilians, especially women and children, in addition to the suffering that the Yemeni people are exposed to, as a result of the blockade, not to mention the low performance of the service sectors of the task of health, education and others.

The meeting touched on the efforts of the Ministry of Human Rights in preparing a mechanism to monitor and document crimes and violations, and how to benefit from the experiences and expertise of the Commission in this aspect.

In the meeting, Minister Al-Dailami referred to the contents of the recent statements of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and its disregard for many documented facts about the crimes of murder, rape and looting practiced by the coalition of aggression and its tools for wealth, the proceeds of which were supposed to go to the benefit of the Yemeni people, and were capable of ending human suffering.

He expressed his surprise at the failure to address the reports issued by the United Nations for the tampering and occupation of the Yemeni islands by the aggression coalition, in light of the influx of more foreign forces to them, as the tone of the UN characterization is still for what is happening in Yemen as an internal war.

The Minister of Human Rights pointed out that the reports and statements in their condemnation of the national party, made mistakes in not distinguishing between civilian and military objects, while they did not condemn many crimes in which the coalition of aggression deliberately and directly targeted civilians.

He stressed that the Yemeni people are waiting for better and more effective roles from the Human Rights Commission in alleviating human suffering, which the aggression continues to exacerbate.

Minister Al-Dailami called on the UNHCR official to touch the reality of the human rights and humanitarian situation under which tens of millions of civilians, women and children are suffering in the free zones.

He touched on the million-man demonstrations, which came out in rejection of the continuation of the siege and the policy of the aggression coalition to kill the Yemeni people of hunger and disease. He pointed out that this policy and the lagging performance of the United Nations complicate efforts to achieve and build peace.

He also stressed that the Ministry of Human Rights is about to hold an international conference on the repercussions of the aggression and blockade by self-efforts in conjunction with the eighth anniversary of the aggression on Yemen, and will include working papers submitted by a number of international organizations and activists, its outputs will be issued in several international languages.

For his part, the UNHCR official pointed to ways to develop the humanitarian performance of the Commission in the future in Yemen, in order to ensure an optimal assessment of the human rights and humanitarian situation.

Source: Yemen News Agency