September 27, 2021

Al-Haq party hosts First General Conference

National Yemen

Officials attend First General Conference for Al-Haq party

By Asma Al-Mohattwari

With the slogan, Equal Citizenship and Social Justice are the Basis of Building the Modern Civil State, Al-Haq Party held its first General Conference 10 January as a political party.

The opening ceremony of the conference was attended by deputy speaker of parliament Mohammed Ali Al-Shadadi, numerous ministers, members of parliament, Shura council members, party leaders, civil society organization members and representatives of the diplomatic corps in Sana’a.

At the ceremony, Secretary General of the party Hassan Mohammed Zaid, told of the difficulties the party has faced since its founding in 1990.

“This conference coincides with the preparation of the National Dialogue, which is the last chance to address outstanding national issues since 1990, as well as to determine the system and form of the next state,” Zaid said.

He said that reconciliation cannot be accomplished by achieving national transitional justice. Zaid said that all political forces need to recognize the need for coexistence as current circumstances confirm the impossibility of any one force ruling Yemen.

“The coming together of different party representatives is evidence of the beginning of reconciliation,” Zaid said.

During the Conference, many ministers and party leaders wished the conference success, including Minister of Transportation Ahmed bin Dagher on behalf of the General People’s Congress, Islah Party leader Zaid Al-Shami, General Secretary of Al-Tadhamon Party Jalal Faqira, and General Secretary of Al-Rashad party Dr. Abdulwhab Al-Homaiqani. They all wished the party a successful conference and bold leadership to strengthen the democratic process in Yemen.