SANAA, The tribes of Al-Hosn, Sanaa province, on Friday celebrated the return of dozens of the misled by the US-saudi aggression coalition to the ranks of the country, including commander of the third battalion of the so-called fifth brigade for border guard belonging to the coalition Colonel Ali Nasser Hajar.

on the occasion of celebrating their return, organized in the presence of a number of Khawlan sheikhs and a large number of the people of region, Colonel Hajar explained that he left the mercenaries with a number of soldiers, who were fighting in the ranks of the coalition on the border front, for realizing the enormity of the mistake they committed by joining the enemy's ranks, who are committing the worst crimes against the Yemeni people and seeks to occupy their land.

He referred to the troops of mercenaries in the border front, whom the Saudi Arabia has used as human shields to fight their people.

He affirmed that they suffer much under the humiliation by the Saudi officers and soldiers.

Colonel Hajar and the other returnees called on all those still in the ranks of the aggression coalition to seize the opportunity of amnesty, return to their villages and cities and stand by the Homeland, expressing their thanks to the security services for their facilities provided to help them to return.

On their part, the sheikhs and citizens of Khawlan tribe expressed their pride of the return of those misled, after they had left the ranks of mercenaries.

They stressed that their return is a proof that the dignity of the Yemeni human being have reawakened in the souls returnees, calling on those who still fighting in the ranks of the aggression coalition to the speed of return and to leave the ranks of betrayal.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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