September 27, 2021

Al-Hota Palace Hotel Receives President of the Republic’s Award

Al-Hota Palace hotel in Hadramawt was awarded for its touristic excellence on the occasion of its first anniversary. According to General Manager of programs and activities of the Ministry of Tourism, Ahmed al- Biel, six touristic institutions  have contributed to gain the award while the conditions and criteria have applied to al-Hota Palace hotel as a  place whose historical and touristic significance to Yemen combines both tradition and modernity.

The award, estimated at YR 5 million, was handed down on 26 January in a ceremony organized by the Ministry of Tourism.

Prime Minister, Ali Mujwar presented the award to the President of Board of Directors  of the “Global Tourism Company,” Alwan al-Shaibani.  In the meantime, Ahmed al-Biel confirmed the importance of the Presidential award in improving the appeal of touristic attractions and creating a spirit of competition among cities, villages and tourist sites.

The award garnered much attention, and encouraged owners of touristic facilities operating outside cities to reach the optimal level of services. He pointed out that the award has encouraged creative initiatives aimed at achieving sustainable development of tourism.

Alwan al-Shaibani announced that one million riyals was distributed to the staff of the al-Hota hotel and four million riyals will be allocated to small projects carried out by the people of Hadramaut valley, particularly those who are inhabit the area around the hotel.

The total amount of the award is actually YR 10 million. It was divided equally, with five million riyals allotted for the winning facility, in this case the al-Hota Palace hotel, and another five million for  the city, village or touristic site in which the hotel is located.

The committee has determined the dates and stages of evaluation, which consist of four stages of a specific to gain the award. It was scheduled to be announced by the Ministry of Tourism in the coming days to open the door and receive competition for the award of 2011.

Furthermore, the ceremony displayed a documentary film about the award for touristic excellence and another film about the al-Hota hotel itself, located in Seiyun, which was built on the ruins of al-Hota Palace in the area of Khla’a  Rashid.