Al-Houthi opens Sho’ub Medical Complex for wounded care

SANAA, Member of the Supreme Political Council, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi on Saturday opened the Sho'ub Medical Complex to care for wounded, which was rehabilitated by Ministry of Transport and its affiliated bodies and institutions.

During the opening, al-Houthi praised the initiative of the Transport Ministry and institutions in supporting and caring for war-wounded people through the rehabilitation and equipping of the complex.

In this regard, he called on government agencies and institutions to contribute to the rehabilitation and equipping of 14 centers for the care of the wounded, hailing the sacrifices of the wounded in defending the homeland, its security, stability, sovereignty and independence.

For his part, Minister of Transport Zakaria Al-Shami said that the rehabilitation and restoration of Sho'ub Medical Complex came as an implementation of the directives of Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi and President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat.

Source: Yemen News Agency