September 19, 2021

Al-Iryani says dialogue represents Yemen’s sole solution

National Yemen

Abdul-Kareem Al-Iryani

By NY Staff

Abdul-Kareem Al-Iryani, head of the National Dialogue Technical Committee said on Wednesday that the dialogue conference represents the only way out for Yemeni to emerge from a state of crisis and for a civil nation to be built.

“The participating powers are now closer to reconciliation than to fighting each other,” he stated.

According to Al-Iryani, the dialogue will completely be different from other, past dialogues.

“The crisis resulted in change which must be seized to construct the modern Yemeni state,” he added.

He added that Yemen’s future is dependent on the building of a fair, civil state in which justice and good governance prevail. At the dialogue conference, Al-Iryani said, all issues will be discussed – even the dissolution of national unity.

“Either that, or the dialogue fail,” he said.

The dialogue conference was suspended following the delay of certain political powers to state their decision to participate.