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SANAA, President Mahdi Al-Mashat's directive to pay half the salary of state employees and give employees in their jobs as much as possible financial dues, marking the beginning of the economic recovery phase for 2020, which was announced in a speech delivered on his behalf by supreme political council member Mohammed Saleh al-Nuaimi yesterday on Monday during the inauguration of The National Executive Programs for Economic Recovery and Recovery Phase 1 2020 of the Yemeni Central Bank by the Rescue Government and the Supreme Economic Committee within the framework of the national vision of building a modern state.

This directive reflected the keenness of the political leadership and its relentless efforts to improve the living conditions of employees, whose suffering has reached their maximum extent over the past years due to the interruption of salaries, which have had catastrophic effects on the citizens of the country by losing their basic source of income to meet the demands and expenses of life. The daily and the resulting daily concern of the employee who was left after cutting his salary prey to the need and daily essential sustenance.

It is no longer a secret that the states of aggression have been waging an economic war parallel to the military war, and from the point of view of reason and wisdom, the economic war is more severe and harsher than the military battles and with them, and in modern times in particular the giant systems of the Soviet Union and the system have been dropped. Socialism is the result of the economic war waged by the Western countries, because there is no question about the seriousness of the economic war in which states are toppled, political regimes are changed and regional and international alliances are created.

Political observers believe that the new step taken by the Yemeni political leadership to improve the conditions of financial employees, constitutes a new victory in the economic battle imposed by the countries of aggression against our country through an unjust blockade and the transfer of central bank functions to Aden and the suspension of salaries of more About one million employees for more than three years and the resulting suffering is difficult to imagine in a sordid plot to kneel the Yemeni people and leave them captive to need through a political starvation systematic and studied carried out carefully by the coalition of aggression after failing to achieve any significant victory on the military side.

This presidential directive reflects the seriousness of the trend in dealing with the effects of aggression and economic blockade, confirms the credibility of the political leadership and its concern for the issues of the citizen and the homeland and their basic needs, and also confirms that it comes as a result of political and institutional stability and an beginning and entry into a phase Economic reform and implementation of the national vision.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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