Ansarullah political bureau condemns Israeli crimes

SANAA, The Political Bureau of Ansar Allah condemned the ongoing Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people in a shameful silence of the Arab regimes that are aligned with the usurped Zionist entity seeking to normalize and liquidate the Palestinian cause.

The Political Bureau of Ansar Allah confirmed that it stood by the Palestinian people despite the suffering, aggression and blockade imposed on Yemen, in a statement received by Saba.

However, we do not forget the question of Palestine, which is the first and central issue, which is the compass that determines the course and direction.

It praised the strong responses of the Islamic resistance in Palestine and its rocket attacks on the usurped Zionist enemy. He stressed that this was a legitimate right to deter the arrogant enemy.

The Political Bureau of Ansar Allah also condemned the blatant attacks by the Nigerian authorities against those celebrating the Prophet's birth, resulting in martyrs and injuries.

This criminal attack against the Nigerian people on this great religious occasion was seen as a targeting of identity, Islam and the prophet of Islam.

Source: Yemen News Agency