SANAA, The armed forces on Friday confirmed that the heroes of the army and the popular forces were able to secure three strategic fronts in Dalea province in a qualitative military operation coinciding with the first anniversary of the martyrdom of President al-Samad.

The armed forces in a statement obtained by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) affirmed that the three fronts include the front of Al-Awd, al-Khashabah Front and the front of Hamakk with a total area of 250 square kilometers, covering as well more than 100 villages and dozens of military sites.

The attack, which lasted 96 hours, was launched from the strategic camp of Sour towards the Awd Triangle, where the army managed to control the triangle and cut enemy supply lines from Qatuba and Al-Oula to Awd and launch from the Triangle of Oud towards an offensive on enemy positions from three tracks.

The first track starts from the Awd Triangle towards the Khamis market, where the supply lines of the enemy were cut off and the market and dozens of sites and villages were secured.

The second track starts from the Awd Triangle towards Najd Sinanf and the surrounding sites, where more than 30 sites and villages were secured, especially Awd mount overlooking over a number of areas such as al-Khashabah and al-Nadra, and many areas and sites, he said.

He added that the third track was towards the al-Khashabah, where the strategic mountain of Yabar and more than 25 sites and villages, including camps have been secured.

The statement confirmed the death and injury of dozens of mercenaries, including leaders during this operation, while some groups are still besieged in addition to the destruction of a number of military vehicles and weapons of mercenaries and the seizing of a large quantity of weapons.

The statement pointed out that this operation left a state of confusion and panic among the ranks of mercenaries, indicating that the intelligence confirms that there is an exchange of charges of treason among the ranks of mercenaries, noting that the operation was widely welcomed by citizens.

The General Command of the Armed Forces called on those who are still besieged to surrender themselves and their weapons and they will be in safe and can return to their villages.

It praised the role of the sheikhs and the citizens and tribes of Dalea in general and the Awd in particular on their stances in support of their brothers in the army and the popular forces to secure and liberate their areas.

The General Command of the Armed Forces confirmed its determination to secure the entire territory of the Republic of Yemen.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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