Armed Forces carry out military operations against American Ships and Zionist Sites

The Yemeni armed forces carried out military operations on hostile US warships and sensitive sites of the Zionist enemy in um al-Rashrash in southern Palestine, and an Israeli ship in the Gulf of Aden. The official spokesman for the armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said that the drone air force carried out a military operation with a number of drones on a number of hostile US warships in the Red Sea and the Arab Sea. He pointed out that the drone air force also carried out an operation targeting sensitive sites of the Israeli enemy in the um al-Rashrash area in southern occupied Palestine, with a number of other drones. Brigadier General Saree reported that the naval forces of the Yemeni armed forces carried out an operation targeting the Israeli ship MSC SILVER in the Gulf of Aden with a number of appropriate naval missiles. He stressed that these operations come as a victory for the oppression of the Palestinian people, who are subjected to aggression and siege until this moment, and in resp onse to the American-British aggression against Yemen. Source: Yemen News Agency