SANAA, The army and popular forces hit Saudi-paid mercenaries in various fronts over the past 24 hours, inflicting heavy causalities, a military official told Saba on Thursday.

In Jizan border province, the army's drone in cooperation an artillery unit waged an attack against gatherings of the Saudi soldiers and its mercenaries in Qais and MBC mountains, leaving heavy losses.

In Najran province, the army foiled an the coalition-backed warplanes attack by the mercenaries towards Shaja site and al-Buqa desert, killing and wounding a number of the mercenaries.

The army also fired artillery at Saudi military groups in sites of Raqabat al-Mashquq, al-Manar and al-Sawah area of Najran, hitting the target directly.

In Asir province, the army hit gatherings of the mercenaries in al-Rabuah area and Alb crossing.

In Taiz province, the army repulsed an offensive of the mercenaries towards Osayfarah and al-Shaqab areas, killing and wounding dozens of the mercenaries.

In Lahj province, a number of the mercenaries were killed and injured when the army repelled an assault in Hawmarh area.

In Hajjah province, the army targeted groups of the mercenaries in sites of al-Nar mountain and destroyed a military vehicle carrying a number of the Sudanese soldiers in Medi and Haradh districts.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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