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The army killed dozens of the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition's mercenaries and wounded others when it hit their gatherings during operation launched in various fronts, a military official told Saba.

In Najran, a Zilzal-1 missile was fired by missile force on gatherings o the Saudi army in Akifa and four others off Sudis, inflicting the enemy heavy losses.

Meanwhile, the artillery force shelled gatherings of the mercenaries off Sudis, in Sawh, in Ajasher desert off Najarn, killing dozens.

Meawhile, the commander of the so-called Engineering Battalion belonging the mercenaries together with some companions were killed in ambush set up in Ajasher desert.

In Jizan, the artillery force shelled Saudi-led gatherings in Jalah inflicting on the enemy heavy losses.

A Saudi- military vehicle was destroyed in Fraidha military site during an artillery shelling.

In Asir, the army foiled an infiltration of the mercenaries toward the army's sites in Raboua killing and injuring dozens.

In Jawf, the army launched two offensives on the sites of mercenaries in Masloub district and Safr Hanaia in Moton district killing and injuring tens.

In Khab Wa Shaaf district, the army ambushed gatherings of the mercenaries in Astar front, causing heavy casualties.

In Bayda, the army killing and injured dozens of the mercenaries during an attack launched on their sites in Nawfan front of Kaifa district.

In Taiz, the army killed and injured dozens in Sala valley, Jamhmaliah district.

In Dhalea, the army killed a mercenary in Damt district.

In Hajjah, The army foiled an infiltration of the mercenaries in the south of Mazrak of Hardah district which led to killing and injuring scores of the mercenaries.

The infiltration lasted for hours and covered by the warplanes and Apache of the enemy without achieving any concert progress on the ground.

A Zilzal-1 missile was fired by the missile force toward the gatherings of mercenaries east of Jabal Nara in Haradh front and led to killing and injuring dozens, in addition to heavy material losses.

In Nehm front, the army launched a qualitative operation in several hilltops against the mercenaries which led to dozens of dead and wounded among the enemy ranks.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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