Arrangements for evacuation of Yemeni students from Coronavirus-stricken Wuhan city of China started

SANAA, The Supreme Council for Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation in Sanaa began arrangements for the evacuation of Yemeni students from the Chinese Wuhan city stricken by Coronavirus.We received earlier appeals from Yemeni students in China and we are making efforts to complete procedures for their evacuation . the council's secretary general Abdulmohsen Tawoos said in a statement.Tawoos noted that the Council addressed the UN envoy, the World Health Organization (WHO)'s representative and the Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen to expedite the evacuation of Yemeni students from Wuhan.He call on the United Nations and the WHO to fulfill their humanitarian duty and send a UN plane to evacuate Yemeni students from Wuhan Airport to Sanaa Airport.The Council's secretary-general appreciated the efforts of the Chinese government towards students in general, and its attention to provide health care and assistance to Yemeni students.Source: Yemen News Agency