ADEN, Yemen, At least ten Houthi rebels were killed, when artillery shelling targeted their locations, near the government-controlled province of Lahj on Monday, a military official said.

The pro-government army units, supported by the Saudi-led coalition, carried out a heavy artillery shelling on Houthi-held locations, near the mountains of Kahboob, in southern Lahj province, the military official said.

He said that, the artillery shelling precisely destroyed the hideouts of the Houthis, killing at least ten rebels and injuring several others at the scene.

Two Houthi vehicles, which arrived later in the area, tried to rescue the injured rebels, but were also targeted, during the artillery shelling, the source added.

The Saudi-backed Yemeni army aborted several attempts by Houthi rebels, who repeatedly attempt to make overnight infiltration into the government-controlled provinces, in the country's southern part.

Despite the continuing aerial bombardment by the Saudi-led war planes, Houthis are still positioned in mountainous areas close to Lahj province, where a key air base of the coalition is located.

Sudanese troops and other forces of the Saudi-led coalition, are using military bases in Lahj, for training hundreds of newly-recruited Yemeni soldiers, to fight the Houthis and confront terrorist groups.


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