SANAA, Attorney General Judge Nabil al-Azzani on Sunday chaired a meeting to discuss topics related to juvenile issues and aspects of care and support can presented for children who are at odds with the law.

The necessary procedures to accelerate dealing with juvenile cases were reviewed during the meeting.

At the meeting, the Attorney-General emphasized the importance of uniting official and community efforts to protect children and take precautionary measures to prevent them from falling into the maze of crime.

Judge al-Azzani referred to the role of the judicial institution in providing help and support for juveniles and creating a safe environment that helps them regain their self-confidence and integrate in the surrounding society.

The meeting touched on the reasons for delinquency of children, ways of protecting them, and practical means to rehabilitate them in the event of committing acts contrary to the law and the role of official agencies and community in this regard, as well as the restorative justice based on reparation.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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