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  • Eradicating qat, one day at a time

    By Jihan Anwar Qat consumption in Yemen is widely-discussed. It has become a mainstay of gatherings and is likely the most popular social activity regardless of social and economic class. Recent movements, however, have begun to challenge qat’s role in … Continue reading

  • Vendor’s Union reiterates Dialogue demands

    By NY Staff As political forces ready themselves to participate in the upcoming National Dialogue, the Street Vendors’ Union has continued to demand that their issues and problems be included in the conference’s agenda. The syndicate recently had an extended … Continue reading

  • Al-Haq party hosts First General Conference

    By Asma Al-Mohattwari With the slogan, Equal Citizenship and Social Justice are the Basis of Building the Modern Civil State, Al-Haq Party held its first General Conference 10 January as a political party. The opening ceremony of the conference was attended … Continue reading

  • Yemeni central Bank employees’ strike threatens to paralyze Yemeni economy

    FNA 12.1.13 the Yemeni Central Bank employees started a comprehensive strike Saturday in a step which economists see as a threat of entire paralysis to the country’s economy.

    Tawfiq al-Arasi, chairman of the Central Bank employee’s union said the execution of the comprehensive strike came as a final option as it is implemented through intervals, after carrying out partial strikes since July of last year, which was lifted by mediation of the Defense Minister. It is renewed last Wednesday by a partial gradual strike ending with the comprehensive strike on Saturday Arasi said.
    He added the negotiations are still ongoing with the bank’s Board of Directors. He hoped for an eminent solution which meets the employees’ demands, realized in the settlement of the wages structure, the job rotation and issuance of a bylaw regulating the relationship between employees and the bank’s board.
    “we started Saturday a comprehensive strike, however we exempted the foreign transactions and the treasury bonds for the sake of national interests, and the guarantee not to harm the national economy,” said Shamsan Babekr, the information spokesperson of the Central Bank’s employees.
    Shamsan accused the bank’s Board of Directors of procrastination in the implementation of previous promises which were reached through the mediation led by the Defense Minister on August 1, emphasizing the employees will continue their strike until the fulfillment of all their demands.

  • Prominent businessman lashes out at government

    BY NY Staff Yemeni businessman Saleh Bin-Fareed Al-Suraima recently stated that the government wasted billions of dollars in public funds in 2012. He added that President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s directives to halt electricity projects dependent on diesel fuel had … Continue reading

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