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Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghar

By NY Staff

Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology Ahmed Obaid bin Dagher called on citizens to reconsider how the state is structured, saying that the current government will not be able to survive the crisis.

A government based mostly out of Sana’a is no longer an acceptable representative government, Daher said, and that while Yemen must remain unified, the structure of the government must change.

The comments came at the first Conference of Communication and Information Technology, organized by the Center for Economic and Media Studies in Sana’a last week.

Politicians are more interested in building power than rebuilding the country, Dagher said.

He believes the National Dialogue Conference will play a vital role in maintaining unity, according to the minister. Succession and separation is unacceptable, unpatriotic and partisan, Dagher said.

With regards to communication, Dagher said encouraging liberal market policies of telecommunication services will increase the sector’s growth rate and attract investment, which are key priorities for the telecommunications sector in Yemen.

Creating new work opportunities and accommodating more young people in the field are other, basic priorities for the ministry, he added.

The success of liberalization will depend on if the government can take the appropriate actions to encourage more investment which will produce more returns in a shorter period of time.

The ministry reduced prices in order to facilitate development at the request of the political leadership.

The minister also went on to criticize the absence of health care law. Despite the lack of legislation, the ministry is obligated to provide health care for its staff, Dagher said.

The minister also discussed the 180 attacks on the country’s optic fiber networks this year, costing the country over YR 2.5 billion. The attacks also led to partial and complete interruption of services this year.

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