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ADEN, Yemen, Banks and exchange companies in Yemen's temporary capital of Aden will be shutdown from today (Monday), suspending all financial services, in protest of armed robberies, and demanding protection from the government's security forces.

The managers of more than 12 commercial banks and other financial companies, urged the leadership of the country's central bank and the Saudi-backed government forces, to provide more protection.

A copy of the letter, received by Xinhua Sunday, also demanded the security forces in the city to arrest those involved in the armed robberies, as a precondition to reopen financial work in the city.

Last week, three people were killed and five others injured, when gunmen stormed the National Bank's branch in Aden.

A source close to the province's police chief, said, eight masked militants attacked the bank; first four gunmen, wearing military uniform, broke into the building, then four other gunmen started shooting randomly.

"All eight attackers escaped and three of the bank's security guards were killed, while workers were evacuated to a safe place," he added.

"The gunmen, armed with silenced weapons, opened fire directly on the head of the bank manager, who refused to follow the attackers' instructions and open the safe," the source said.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the armed robbery, but al-Qaeda gunmen and other terrorist groups have recently increased their attacks against Yemeni security forces across the country.

Aden witnessed several well-planned assassinations and armed attacks, after Saudi-backed forces drove the Shiite Houthi rebels out from the strategic city in July, 2015.

Security in Yemen has deteriorated since Mar, 2015, when war broke out between the Shiite Houthi group, supported by former President, Ali Abdullah Saleh, and government forces, backed by a Saudi-led Arab coalition.


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