Bowling championships provoke excitement among youth

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Bowling championships provoke excitement among youth

By NY Staff

A bowling championship round kicked off on Saturday at Sana’a’s Fun City, and included participation by almost 200 young women and men. The Minister of Youth and Sport inaugurated the championship, which is set to last for four days.

Both smiles and looks of concentration could be observed on the faces of young women as they participated on Saturday afternoon. Video cameras recorded the action, while security guards made sure the participants were allowed to focus on the bowling pins that lay waiting before them.

The Minister of Youth stated that this year’s championship represents “a step forward in bringing the youth back to the field of youth and sport – to practice what they have missed over the past year and to bring back an awareness of the importance of these activities to the youth.

This event was organized by the billiards, snooker, and bowling union,, which is trying to meet the needs for such sports and leisure activities. Major companies such as MTN and Yemenia are among the championship’s sponsors..