Capital Sana’a witnesses mass rally condemning US-Saudi-aggression blockade

SANA’A, Feb. 26 (Saba) – The capital Sana’a witnessed on Friday afternoon a mass rally to denounce the continuation of the siege under the slogan “The siege of the American aggression coalition kills the Yemeni people.”
The participants in the march chanted and raised slogans condemning the maritime piracy practiced by the US-Saudi aggression and the continued detention of oil derivative ships.
They condemned the aggression coalition’s insistence on doubling the suffering of the Yemeni people by detaining fuel, food and medicine vessels in light of the shameful silence of the United Nations and the international community towards the policy of starvation and the denial of the Yemeni people of their rights guaranteed by laws, treaties and international conventions.
A statement issued by the mass rally considered the American blockade genocide and a war crime against humanity, committed by the coalition of aggression with the complicity of the international community and the United Nations.
The statement held America and the rest of the countries of aggression fully responsible, ethically and legally, for the damage, effects and humanitarian repercussions resulting from the continuation of the blockade.
He pointed out that what the aggression countries are promoting about providing humanitarian aid is a sly misleading to cover up their unjust siege on the Yemeni people and their persistence in killing them.
The march’s statement affirmed that peace in Yemen will not be made through statements, but rather by stopping the aggression, lifting the siege and stopping foreign interference in Yemen’s internal affairs.
He affirmed the steadfast position of the Yemeni people in facing the US-Saudi aggression, and their adherence to their right to defend Yemen by all possible and legitimate means, stressing that the consequences of the aggression and the siege on Yemen are dangerous for the coalition countries, and their bet on American protection is a losing bet.

Source: Yemen News Agency