SANAA, A ceremony was held on Saturday in Sanaa to celebrate the launch of the fifth year of Yemeni steadfastness.

At the signing ceremony, which was attended by Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Abdul Salam Hishul, Minister of Information, Dhaifallah Al Shami, hailed the Union's declaration as one of the fronts that disturbed the coalition of the American-Saudi aggression.

The Minister of Information pointed out the importance of publicizing the Union of Poets and Munshids who turn letters and words into deadly arrows that strike enemies through their materials, including pen, tongue, microphone, voice and image.

Al-Shami, on behalf of the Political Council, the National Salvation Government and the Ministry of Information, fully supported the Union to achieve its objectives and deliver its mission and national duty.

He congratulated the poets and Munshids on the Union's announcement despite the delay, stressing that all official media platforms are open to them to highlight their creations poetry in a way that suits them.

For his part, Union President Dheifullah Salman said that the union's announcement aims at creating a civilized cultural system that reflects the importance of culture and literature, stressing its importance as well as sponsoring talents and creators and activating their role in adopting the issues of the nation.

He pointed out that the Union's announcement will contribute to the development and promotion of new talents and creativity of young people in different genres of literature and the arts and the disclosure of talent and sublime literary energies.

The Cultural Organizations' statement was confirmed by its member of the union, the director of activities and programs, and the head of Beitna Heritage and Development Organization, Amat Al-Razzaq Jahaf, who said that since the beginning of the Saudi aggression, the poets and Munshids were a bullets in the chest of enemy's troops.

She pointed to the Union's efforts to activate the Yemeni cultural scene and preserve the cultural identity and keep up with the renewal and aspiration to re-activate the pioneering role of the Yemeni intellectual and raise the level of citizen awareness in the face of wrong ideas and directing it towards the issues of the nation.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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